Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions present all the rules applicable to the use of content and services of Changing Diapers. Whoever purchases is considered a Customer in accordance with the Consumer and User Protection Code, the remainder only a User. Both accept and agree with the policies and principles of this instrument.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to changes and additions that will be indicated upon update date and need to be checked by Users and Customers periodically. The continuous use of Changing Diapers implies the consent of changes and additions.

Minor Users and Clients can use the Changing Diapers as long as they are correctly assisted or represented by those responsible who assume responsibility for the acts of the minors.


The Customer can return any product purchased at Changing Diapers by regret within 7 days counting from the moment of receipt. The return must be indicated through the common communication channels where the Customer also receives guidance. The total amount paid for the product (s) will be refunded if the product (s) are returned completely, in perfect condition and in the original packaging. Return shipping is the responsibility of Changing Diapers through a reverse logistics system. The Customer obtains an e-ticket for printing through the common communication channels that need to be pasted on the order.

The refund is made through the payment intermediary PagSeguro, Pagar.me, PagHiper or Moip, used in all transactions of Changing Diapers. For credit cards, the amount to be refunded will be refunded on the card itself, which will be effective until the second subsequent invoice. The responsibility, therefore, lies with PagSeguro, Pagar.me, or Moip. For payment slips and debit cards, the amount will be refunded in the form of credit on PagSeguro, Pagar.me, or Moip, and on the email account used by the Client at Changing Diapers. Through an account at PagSeguro, Pagar.me, PagHiper or Moip linked to the same email, the amount can be withdrawn to a bank account. These practices apply to all reimbursement of amounts to Customers related to these Terms and Conditions.


For exchange purposes, the Customer must communicate within the period of 30 days after receiving the product to Changing Diapers, any addiction or defect through the common communication channels which receives guidance to where to send the product on its own and complete with the original packaging. The freight charge will be refunded if the analysis proves the reason for the exchange.

If the analysis made by Changing Diapers confirms the defect or addiction, then the product will be changed within 30 days counting from the moment of its communication. If defects or defects are not found or if they are the result of manipulation or misuse by the Customer, the Changing Diapers will resend the product to the Customer.

The Customer can either demand the exchange for a new and equal product or request a refund of the full value of the product or request a proportional refund if the Changing Diapers does not respect the deadline stipulated above. If it is not possible to send another new and equal product, the Customer will be entitled to a refund or a similar product with refund of the difference in value if applicable.

Shipping & Shipping

Every Customer is entitled to free shipping when the total value of the product (s) of his order after discounting discounts exceeds R $ 99.90. In this case, shipping will be carried out economically. To guarantee express delivery, it is necessary to pay Sedex. All orders are sent and transported by the United States Post and Telegraph Company (Correios) to all addresses nationwide, except for PO boxes.

Delivery delays due to restrictions imposed by the Post Office or delivery upon collection at a company branch are the responsibility of the Post Office. Changing Diapers does not have any interference power. If the order is not picked up at the Correios post office, the Changing Diapers will automatically refund the value of the products without shipping after the return to our stock or, before, after a request made by the Client declaring his withdrawal from the purchase. The return of the same product cannot be guaranteed if the purchase interest persists.

Orders are dispatched on the business day following payment verification. Payments made by credit or debit card are cleared and checked immediately. The clearing of slips occurs in the early morning of the day following the business day of payment. For payments made on the weekend or on holidays, that is, only in the morning after the next business day.


The entire payment process is managed by the intermediary PagSeguro, Pagar.me, PagHiper or Moip and, therefore, is responsible for the correct functioning of the payment processing and will not be able to intervene in the act. Wipesleep  does not have access to customer credit or debit card information.


Any User and / or Client can register only one account per person that will be verified and released after filling in the mandatory information. All information must be correct and must be kept up to date, since the veracity of the same is the responsibility of the User, and not the Changing of Diapers. The use of the data is in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Changing Diapers.

Changing Diapers may, at its sole and absolute discretion, adapt the conditions and requirements for maintaining registration on the website. In the event that the User breaches any part of these Terms and Conditions or breaks the law, the Changing Diapers reserves both the right to request information from him and to warn him as well as to suspend or terminate the registration of Users without compensation, communicating his reasons later. In return, the User can rectify information, which does not exempt him from possible indemnities claimed by the Changing Diapers due to damage caused to him or third parties in the period prior to the rectification.


Contents of Wipesleep  are considered: posts, news, information, videos, sounds, graphics, e-book, tools, images and also comments and reviews provided by Users. The team strives to keep this content accurate, complete and up-to-date, but cannot guarantee compliance with these guidelines at all times.

It is emphasized that no content provided on this site can replace recommendations, consultations or services from doctors and other trained professionals, but is intended to provide educational assistance in general. In no way, the content serves to make diagnoses or indicate treatments for problems and contexts of any nature whatsoever. It is imperative to seek the assistance of a doctor or other professional trained for these purposes. These disclaimers may have specific additions to the pages of this website.

Wipesleep  Diapers is not obliged to carry out prior analysis of content provided by Users or third parties. The content of the website, including that provided by Users or third parties, can be changed or removed at any time and without prior notification to them. Wipesleep  is not responsible for errors or delays in removing incorrect, illegal or objectionable content from the site from Users or third parties, but endeavors to do so as quickly and accurately as possible.

The User is responsible for any and all content that he sends or posts and declares that the content is not confidential; that he has the necessary rights to send or post to him; which grants a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, fully sublicense, royalty-free license for use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, creation of derivative works, distribution, execution and exhibition of it in whole or in part; that accepts all acts or omissions with respect to its moral rights in it that in another context could constitute a violation or infringement of such moral rights; and who gives up all their moral rights over the content, wherever possible.

The User explicitly agrees not to send or post content that is harmful, abusive, illegal, offensive, disturbing, unlawful, threatening, obscene, defamatory or invasive of privacy; infringing on business secrets, patents, copyrights or trademarks; and promoter of unauthorized advertising, spam or for the purpose of large unsolicited messages.

Wipesleep  does not guarantee that the availability of its content outside of United States or that it is appropriate in these locations, exempting itself from any responsibility for accesses made in those places.

Intellectual property

The User agrees that the website www.Wipesleep.com as well as the logos, brands, insignia, photos, images, descriptions, texts, “layout”, symbols, distinctive signs, manual (s) and any other related materials constitute rights copyrights and proprietary rights of Wipesleep  or its licensors. These rights are protected by national and international laws regarding intellectual property.

The reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, distribution, exhibition or any other way of using the content, mainly for commercial purposes, are strictly prohibited to the User of this Site without the previous authorization by Changing Diapers.

If the User transmits ideas or suggestions regarding the services and products of Changing Diapers, he consents to their use for commercial purposes by Changing Diapers or by a third party and agrees not to be compensated for the act.

Affiliate program

Wipesleep Diapers offers an affiliate program through which a user becomes an affiliate, when it is approved and begins to refer customers to the online store. A 10% commission is credited to the affiliate on the value of each product sold, which resulted from an indication of the same. A product is considered sold when the customer’s payment is completed. Possible refunds to the customer will be deducted from the total commission. The commissions compensate the affiliate for all their efforts and expenses made on their own to refer customers to the Changing Diapers.

A customer was intermediated when he arrives at Changing Diapers by clicking on an affiliate’s advertising vehicle provided by this Program and concludes a sale within a period of 5 days. When clicking on the advertising vehicle, a cookie is saved on the user’s computer for 5 days and allows the commissioning of the possible customer to the affiliate. If the user rejects or removes the Cookie, it will be technically impossible to attribute the sale to an affiliate and will not be able to pay commission.

Sites with pornographic and sexual content, with click exchange systems, gambling systems, pyramid systems, with mandatory clicks, with more than 3 advertisements per page, free subdomains, use of pop-ups, are unacceptable as advertising vehicles. paid sites and emails, vehicles from competing sites and expressly any type of spam. All commissions from these sources, from other illicit sources, which are against good practices and mainly those that infringe copyright and intellectual property are canceled and the approval as an affiliate will be revoked. In general, Wipesleep  reserves the right to change, restrict, make unavailable or cancel this Affiliate Program and to exclude affiliates without prior notice or justification at any time, without generating any other rights,

Payment of commissions is made automatically on the first day of each month by transferring the balance from PagSeguro, Pagar.me, PagHiper or Moip to the email used for the affiliate’s account when the total commissions accrued at that time is greater than R $ 50.00.

General Provisions

The use of software or systems for the purpose of extracting and displaying information and data from this website wherever it is without the consent of Wipesleep  is considered illegal.

This website cannot guarantee explicitly or implicitly the non-violation of third party rights or the absence of computer viruses.

These Terms and Conditions are of greater significance than any verbal or written agreements with Users and Customers. If a possible disagreement cannot be resolved, the parties submit such disagreement to an independent mediator, with technical knowledge of the matter, with the purpose of reaching an agreement within 30 days. If the disagreement persists, the parties must settle it under the application of United States laws in the jurisdiction of the District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo, with express waiver of any other.

If a provision or clause in these Terms and Conditions is declared invalid, it does not invalidate the remaining provisions and clauses.

The User exempts the Changing Diapers, their directors, employees, agents and affiliates from any and all liability, expenses of all kinds (such as legal fees), complaints, losses and losses related to their own violation of these Terms and Conditions or to your content sent or posted on this site.

The User is not responsible in any way for Changing Diapers for their inability to use the website, unauthorized access to their personal information, expenses with the purchase of products and services on the website or at alternative addresses, acts of third parties and any other occurrence related to the site. This does not depend on the type of damage and the modality of its incidence, even in cases of prior notice of the possibility of damage.