Privacy Policy

Welcome to Changing Diapers. This Privacy Policy contains the methods used to collect and make use of the information provided by users at the electronic address By using this site and in the act of passing personal information or not to the Changing Diapers, the user expresses to know and agree with the content and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Personal information

Any and all information that makes it possible to identify a user is considered personal, but mainly his name and address. Wipesleep  guarantees the possibility of visiting your website anonymously and without the obligation to disclose personal information. Only when the user logs in to his personal account or informs his e-mail elsewhere on the site, will it be possible to identify him along with information such as access date, how long he remains logged in, among other data about the access feature.

Outside of the personal account, the user can pass personal information in acts such as newsletter subscription, finalization of a purchase, comments and reviews, filling out forms and surveys, contests or requesting a service by the Changing Diapers, always being alerted about which ones mandatory information. Personal information may include, for example, name, domicile, social security number, telephone number, e-mail, age or life situation. Information regarding the form of payment such as bank account or credit card numbers is not collected by Changing Diapers, but by the integrated payment solution.

It is not the purpose of this website to collect personal information about children under 13 years of age. Therefore, unconscious collection can occur through personally identifiable information passed on by parents of babies and children. We encourage these parents to communicate this fact to their children when appropriate and ask that personal information about babies and children of third parties not be provided.

Use of Information

Information is used to process store orders, including issuing invoices and ensuring delivery, to meet requests from users and customers using a contact, comment or customer service form. In cases where the Changing Diapers needs the provision of services to comply with its obligations, for example to transport the products, we only pass on the information essential for this act and demand to keep personal information confidential. When a user signs up or informs an e-mail address at Changing Diapers, regardless of their reason, personal information is stored in a protected manner to facilitate future access and interactions.

As a newsletter subscription by e-mail, the subscriber receives information about new materials, products, promotions, contests, polls and news in general. If you no longer wish to receive this information, simply unsubscribe using the option at the end of each newsletter. In this way, personal information will no longer be used for newsletter purposes.

All personally identifiable information, whether or not, can, independently of each other, be used to add content, improve and customize the design, and promote products and research from Changing Diapers and their partners that may be of interest to the user. All partners are chosen with care and are committed to this Privacy Policy, treating personal information accordingly.

There may also be a need to pass on personal information to fulfill requests for legal enforcement, court orders, other legal processes, investigations for illegal activities, fraud, physical threats to users or third parties or when required by law.


Cookies are defined as small files stored on the Internet user’s computer whenever he opens a web page. Changing Diapers uses temporary cookies to speed up access to information from previous sessions, store products in the user’s shopping cart, and update others instantly. It also uses cookies to compile and analyze statistics to customize the experience in the materials and in the store, making the user experience more effective and enjoyable.

The user’s browser automatically passes some information anonymously from cookies such as URLs accessed, IP or browser version to complementary analysis services such as Google Analytics. The user could restrict or completely prohibit the use of any type of cookies through the settings of his browser. For more details, it is necessary to consult the user manual for each browser. Therefore, restricting cookies makes the user experience at Changing Diapers less efficient and more limited.

General Provisions

According to Art. 43, §2nd and §3 of the Consumer Protection Law, the user has the right to consult and change whenever he wants his personal information registered by Changing Diapers.

If Changing Diapers no longer requires a user’s personal information under this Privacy Policy, we take the necessary steps to make it impossible for the user to be identified.

Comments and reviews made about products and services in public areas of the Changing Diapers can be used for dissemination and marketing purposes.

This website takes reasonable measures to protect users’ personal information from misuse, loss, alteration, publication, deletion and inappropriate use. The user is aware that an online environment is never 100% secure or error free.

This website contains links to third party websites that have their own Privacy Policies. It is the user’s responsibility to read them.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change. What changes to it are accessible on this page. Therefore, the user needs to check it frequently.


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