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Friday, 10/02/2012, I was already hoping for something to happen, because on Sunday the 12th it was my expected date for delivery at 40 weeks. But the day started normally and nothing happened. I left on leave at 38 weeks and 4 days, my mother had already arrived from the interior of São Paulo to keep me company here in Rio and help me with the housework and baby care. Only my mom hates being trapped inside the house and I, SUPER pregnant, couldn’t be hanging around.

Well, my husband and I decided to go out in the late afternoon to have an açaí with my mother and take a quick walk through the supermarket, which is two blocks away. We ate açaí normally and on the way to the supermarket there was an accident involving 4 cars. One of these cars was a taxi that overturned several times and invaded a piece of the sidewalk. In the end the car stopped just a meter away from me and my mother. I got the biggest scare! Even more because my husband was nervous and shouted to get out of there. There, it was just a desperation! I was shaking like crazy. After the fright we went home.

I was determined not to leave the house until the day of delivery. But on February 14, at 40 weeks and 2 days, I had to go to the doctor to schedule the induction because the doctor had already said that he would not wait more than 41 weeks to intervene because he thought it was dangerous. It was me, my husband and my mother in front of our building waiting for my mother-in-law to arrive with the car because she would take us to the hospital. In that I saw a huge black bumblebee (it is a type of flying beetle that bites) and I am allergic to insects. I took a wasp bite and my arm was so swollen it looked like I had elephantiasis.

When I saw the animal, I despaired and decided to leave. I went further back from where I was, away from the tree where he had landed. In the end the animal came towards me and I was in a panic. I turned around to enter the building’s hall, but when I turned around, I got out of balance and fell. Fall on your stomach! Plop! I panicked again and started to cry immediately thinking that the worst had happened, that I was going to lose my baby. My husband was absolutely stunned by the situation and my mother was the same. My mom hugged me and we started to cry. Then my mother-in-law arrived with the car and immediately took us to the hospital. Me and my mother crying in the back seat and my mother-in-law and my husband singing praises to God in the front seat.

I arrived at the hospital and reported what had happened. I was immediately sent to an obstetric emergency. So my husband went to get a wheelchair and a huge 40-week pregnant woman came out, crying copiously out of the hospital, on her way to the obstetric center. The doctor was super kind and quick to end my agony. He asked a few questions and already laid me down on the stretcher to check if the baby had a heartbeat. He had. And I cried for joy! Thank God nothing more serious had happened to my son! I listened to the heartbeat, the doctor took a ringing test to see if anything had happened internally, but thank God nothing much had happened.

In this, the doctor noticed an inch of dilation and the neck was 50% off. He told me to go for the heart exam (CTG) and monitor for an hour. All good! Just go down and get the admission letter. I went down to the clinic and the doctor immediately sent me the letter of admission telling me to arrive at the hospital on February 17, the Friday before the carnival, fasting, at 7 am and already said that as I was 41 weeks old complete and had other pregnant women scheduled for hospitalization, maybe my baby would only be induced on Saturday. I was super anxious because I didn’t want to wait any longer.

On 02/15 I was already psychologically exhausted and I couldn’t take it anymore. After lunch I went to the bathroom and in that I realized something different, my tampon was finally out! Our!!!!!! Delicious! I was so happy! That meant that my baby could be born before the induction (which I was not in the least to see what it was like!)

The tampon came out, but no sign of labor ! I had no training or normal contractions, no cramps, and my bag was still intact. I could only wait. What was within my reach I did. I ate spicy food, dated, took a hot shower, rolled on the pilates ball…
I was happy because on the afternoon of the 15th, another stress was lifted. I had planned these mint to be tins for my baby’s birthday souvenir. I bought cans, heart candies and stickers online. The problem is that the supplier of the stickers had been paid more than 20 days ago and hadn’t sent me the stickers yet. I was already super stressed about this because the cans were all ready and only the stickers were missing. In addition, I had read some complaints about this woman, from a customer who had made the purchase 2 months ago and was without the product. I freaked, right? I sent tons of emails to her and in the end nothing was resolved. I received the stickers and finished the cans.

My mom also wanted to relax and we were happier because things were finally working out. We had an ice cream in the afternoon and decided to take a long shower to wait for my baby to show more signs that I wanted to be born. There was nothing I could do. The doctor had already instructed me that I should only go to the maternity hospital if I had regular contractions, the bag burst, if there was bleeding or the baby stopped moving. None of this happened.

On the 15th at around 10 pm I started to feel contractions, but they were nothing like what I had read so far and I had not felt the training contractions so I decided to lie down and wait to see what was that little pain boring. I started to feel a lot of urge to pee every 10 minutes, but not much. Well, the tampon has finished showing its grace. I went to bed again because I thought that nothing more would happen from there. Well, the contractions did not subside and started to get stronger and closer until 1:45 on 02/16 the stock broke. I was lying down, I heard a noise and when I got up, water was everywhere.

It doesn’t hurt to break the bag and I was really excited. I woke up my husband and my mother. I sent an SMS to my best friend and I was tied to the shower with a single thought: soon my Luiz Henrique will be in my arms! I went to the shower, took a long and relaxing shower, got everything ready. My mother-in-law arrived and it was time to go to the hospital. In the car the contractions were getting stronger and stronger. I already felt a lot of pain when I was admitted almost 3 in the morning.

From then on, the animal starts to get real. When I arrived at Hospital Naval Marcílio Dias, a makeup artist came to pick me up to take the obstetrics emergency while my husband gave us admission to the hospital and also arranged what was necessary. I went to the 5th floor in a wheelchair, with a lot of pain at the time of contractions, but still in a state that I had control of me and my body. Everything was relatively well. The doctor woke up and went to examine me. Ok pressure, burst bag, 2 cm dilation, neck not yet fully dilated, but nothing that caught the eye. He told me that I would go to the pre-delivery room and that I would be accompanied there every hour. Went! The nurse took me to the room and I was the only parturient there. Put me in the serum to moisturize since I couldn’t drink water or anything.

At that time of the championship I already had that horrible shirt. The nurse (very nice and attentive) told me that he would be there all the time and anything was for me to call. But also trying to relax between contractions and focus on that with every minute that passed my baby would be closer. Up to 4 cm of dilation I was a normal person, after that I was out of my mind with so much pain! It was already 8:40 in the morning and I still had only 4 cm dilated. In this, the nurse took me to the shower (walking / zoombie walk) to take a “hot” bath. How delicious it was! My God, I thought … “Can I stay here forever?” Of course not, Analice! Cycle from there to the stretcher, my daughter! And I went.

It was so good and relaxing that I dilated 2 cm and went for 6 cm dilation. In that I asked for a roll! He needed pain drugs. They offered me BuscaPan and I wanted to stick with BuscaPan… anyway! I took the buscopan in my vein. Needless to say, it didn’t do any good. In that the shift changed. A very annoying nurse came who, when she heard me moan in pain, let out a “Whoever hears this one screaming thinks it hurts all of this.” Does not hurt? Come here then and finish because I am in a lot of pain and physically exhausted.

I asked for help, anesthetic, cesarean delivery, for God’s sake, I asked to stop and continue later … I was promptly ignored and I heard a lot “it just depends on you making the baby be born!”. I’m not a wonder woman and I don’t even intend to convey that image. A resident came to me and put me on the pilates ball. I was on the ball rolling for several minutes and yes, it helped. It was 10:40 am and I was 8 cm dilated. The doctor said it was taking too long and would put me on oxytocin. I knew it would be very painful. But I couldn’t choose anything there. That doctor would be the one who was going to deliver my baby and I didn’t even know that. She had already recommended to me that every time the contraction came I used force. I did, but it was killing me. I no longer had the physical integrity to endure.

Well, they put ben (badly) said oxytocin. It was almost 30 mls and nothing. I dilated 1 cm only. The doctor told me to push myself while doing the touch exam (there were many during labor and this doctor was the one that hurt me the least). A second doctor who did the touch exam and asked me to push as if I was going to evacuate told me that I was pushing the wrong way and that “it wouldn’t do any good”, “you will just waste energy” and other things. The fact is that I tried all the ways and I was not succeeding. I thought to myself, it is not possible! I’m 24, I’ve lost count of how many times I went to the bathroom! ¬¬ ‘

I thought that labor would never end. The doctor took pity on my pained face and called the makeup artist for me to change the stretcher and go to the delivery room. Okay, I was really tired so I changed the stretcher, then in the delivery room I went to the chair. I overheard the doctors talking to each other and saying that in fact I only had 9 of the 10 centimeters dilated and that it would be necessary to “finish it with my hand and also push the cervix back.” I didn’t see stars, I saw an entire constellation in front of me. Okay. It will end. Stop repeating that you can’t take it anymore and give it a gas!

I was in the obstetric chair in the comfortable position of the bakery chicken when one of the doctors wanted to help me. A bombadinho stuck to “I’m awesome”. Any help is welcome, come on. “Analice, when the contraction comes you tell me that I will help push.” Excellent! Now we are speaking the same language, friends! Effective help. (Buscopan, right?) We were interrupted by the doctor to explain that I would feel a sting because she would inject local xylocaine to cut the episiotomy since Luiz Henrique was big (and also because in the end she didn’t even care. since the procedure is standard in that hospital). I never had a needle problem, it was easy. But I felt myself cut and that is far from being legal.

Okay, shall we play push? I pushed and Mr. Sou Fuck went to help me. Instead of pushing and pushing the baby down, Mr. Fuck was crushing me against the gurney which fucked up any chance I could actually do anything like think! After about 3 wrong “forces” on his part, the doctors (about 3 and more 3 or 4 nurses who were in the room) started to make fun of him being weak. Great people, I’m giving birth, dying of pain and you are playing Rafinha Bastos. Thanks!

That was when the doctor who made my hospitalization arrived. Weak face and I thought “Okay, tomorrow we will get out of here.” Yeah, but the blessed is smart! He knows how to maneuver the baby down. He took the incompetent off me and said calmly: “I work with you. Calm. When the next contraction comes, you signal me and I’ll help you. Will end. Seu Luiz Henrique is short and coming. ”

I leaned against him and pushed, he helped me. Seriously and how! In ONE strength my baby was born. Head and shoulders came out in one force and then the rest. They put my son on top of me and asked me to touch him. I didn’t have the strength… It took them to clean, to weigh… I asked what time it was. 12:05. More than 14 hours of labor and there was my baby. Skipping the fact that I still had to deliver the placenta and be sewn (which took about 30 minutes) it was all quiet after the baby left. They brought my little prince into my arms and I no longer cared what was happening, what hurt.

I took medicine, ate a little at the medical insistence, all with my little angel on my lap. I was happy to hear that he was super healthy. Her birth weight was 3,820 kg and 51 cm. Apgar 9. My husband cannot accompany labor and delivery, I could not choose whether or not to undergo an episiotomy. I felt a lot of pain, I failed several times during the process. But it was over and my son was with me and that was all I wanted. My postpartum is not being easy. I feel a lot of pain because of the episode. I reached a level of exhaustion of not having the strength to brush my hair. Today, 4 days later, I managed to sleep more than 4 hours a day for the first time. Breastfeeding and my son sucks every 2 hours.

Despite some details, I was very well attended at delivery and postpartum . Now I thank the doctor who said she would not operate on me because I was going to dilate and was going to get it. It was the biggest pain I ever imagined going through, but my son is the most beautiful, perfect and wonderful thing that God has done in my life. There is no pain that can be greater than the joy I feel for being Luiz Henrique’s mother.
Luiz Henrique was born on February 16, of normal birth, after 14 hours of labor, in Rio de Janeiro, at the Naval Hospital Marcílio Dias. Its weight was 3,820kgs, 51 cm, apgar 9.

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My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.

Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

Dr. Alexis Hart

My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

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