Deborah waiting for her baby.My name is Débora, I’m 28 years old and I want to share my story with you. I have been married for 15 years, that’s right, 15 years, that is, I got married at the age of 13. Of course, my mother had to sign a document because I was a minor, but anyway, I got married early. I came to tell how my miracle happened!

When I was 10 years married taking the pill regularly (because I didn’t want to have children at all) after 7 days of medication break, my period was delayed. Couldn’t start a new card without first ruling out the possibility of pregnancy so I did a beta and the result? Negative for my relief, of course, time has passed and nothing has come of menstruation . So I went to the doctor again and he gave me several tests to do and among them, a transvaginal ultrasound.

When showing it to a doctor, he told me that my ultrasound had changed, and diagnosed a serious problem in both ovaries , saying that he could not have children. I was in shock !! Not wanting to have children at any time is one thing, not being able to have it is quite another … He then gave me a referral for treatment in another city but without guarantee of success if I wanted to get pregnant one day. I went home devastated that same day because my husband’s dream was to be a father one day. He kept asking me that, to get pregnant. I came to think it was punishment, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it was bullshit. Little did I know that God was in control of everything.

I told my family that they were also sad, but they gave me strength and I decided not to undergo the treatment and tore the referral up. I thought: it will be time consuming, bureaucratic, frustrating and without results and then I gave up before I even tried. I soon settled down, wiped away the tears and moved on. I thought: I’m going to work and occupy my mind and forget all of that.

Time passed and no menstruation, I was intrigued, because the doctor did not tell me that I would not menstruate and it had already been 4 months. I started to feel severe pain in the right side of my belly, after a lot of persistence from my husband I decided to go to the doctor again.
After examining me, the doctor told me that my ovary was large and I might have to have surgery to remove the ovary. He asked me for several tests again, but before he said as a rule of the hospital, it was mandatory to do a beta HCG. Otherwise, surgery would not be authorized . So I did a beta the other day as he asked urgently and I went to the post on the same day to get the result and guess what ???

Positive result

I thought: It couldn’t be, it was a mistake, they changed my exam , I was in tears, but at the same time laughing, I didn’t believe in the result! As I had the ultrasound request that the doctor asked, I ran the test, just so I would be sure and even my husband doubted the results of the tests. This was the longest day of my life and that by this time I dreamed of becoming a mother. The news that I couldn’t be a mother aroused in me the desire to have a baby.

Upon arriving at the office, I told the doctor the whole story and then he prepared me for the ultrasound !! I lay on the stretcher and my heart a thousand years ago, I was very anxious to know if it was a baby or just the ovary giving work. Then the news came, the doctor said: Ah, I found him here, he is very small at 6 weeks, the size of a grain of rice.

I started to cry! I didn’t believe I was really pregnant, but how? I asked the doctor: what about my ovary? He answered me: your ovary is very healthy here, by the way. He said I was the victim of a medical error, I had no problem with the ovary. My God, I couldn’t help but get out of there and ran to call my husband at work. He almost fell hard with happiness! My family wanted me to sue if the doctor made the wrong diagnosis, but I was so happy that I didn’t even care. I saw the good side of the story, if it weren’t for this mistake I wouldn’t have had this huge desire to be a mother at that moment.

From then on, a fight against anxiety started, was it a boy or a girl? What name would I put? Thanks to God everything went wonderfully well and my son was born strong healthy by normal delivery. The concerns would be for other things, this time as a first-time mother. My beautiful son today is 6 years old and recently asked me for a brother. I decided to become tempting and with a month of trying I had my positive again . But this time it was an ectopic and broken pregnancy , that is, I broke the tube and I had a hemorrhage. I took a serious risk and had to hurry to the operating table to get my baby out. I lost a horn, but not the hope of becoming a mother again. Now I am trying again and this time well planned, with no unpleasant surprises I hope.

Hope in the heart is the most important in the life of a tempter. This is my story, I learned that God allows certain things for our good, as bad as it may seem, tragic, but God knows everything. Faith and hope must never die.

Author’s note: If Débora had done the tests that the doctor requested, she would probably state that there were no major problems, so if you have more tests to do, do them! They can confirm or discard the initial diagnosis.

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