How is a Normal Childbirth?

Normal childbirth is the female body’s natural route for the birth of babies and has recently been proven by researchers through evidence that it is the safest way for both the woman and the birth baby. This evidence came to overturn the statistics on birth that had the main means of birth, cesarean delivery and to reassure women and change their views, in addition to knowing what normal birth really is.

Normal childbirth has grown more and more, thanks to awareness about this birth path and also about the new laws that only allow cesarean sections in case of need and risk. Obviously the law is not enforced as it should, but it has already shown a great drop in the number of cesarean sections performed improperly and without any indication or also well known for elective cesarean section.

There is no rule for normal childbirth, as each body responds to labor in its very personal way . Some with great pain tolerance, face this moment with tranquility and others need relaxation methods or even anesthesia to reach the end. If we do a brief survey of normal births on the internet, we will see all kinds of videos from that moment.

Normal delivery itself is divided into three stages, the moment of labor where the contractions are increasing more and more until the complete dilation of 10 centimeters is reached. The second stage is the moment of expulsion, where all the woman’s strength must be put in place for the baby to leave completely. In the third, it is at the exit of the placenta where a new strong contraction will come for the woman to apply force and also expel the placenta.

Throughout this process and trajectory, the body itself will be in the process of preparation. Some feel pain in the back, others in the belly and others simply feel like pushing, the labor is really unique for each woman.

Normal delivery, in addition to reducing the risk of bleeding in women, prepares the baby’s respiratory system during expulsion to adapt to the outside of the uterus and provides a faster recovery than in cesarean delivery  , in addition to the shorter hospital stay. . Breast milk appears almost at the same time as the baby’s birth, favoring breastfeeding.

Childbirth Step by Step

Everything starts with labor , where the uterus begins to suffer contractions at controlled times, but still widely spaced. Contractions that will decrease your break time and get closer and more painful. They usually start to be felt every 10 minutes and become stronger with each decrease in this time. It is possible to walk and do other activities when the time is still widely spaced, even helping to endure the pain and assist in the dilation process.

First phase

This first phase can last for hours, so calm down, eat light things and try to walk and breathe as calmly as possible. Not going to the maternity hospital in this first phase is indicated for those who do not wish to stay hours and hours hospitalized and in some cases or maternities already be hospitalized with oxytocin and increase contractions and dilation, as well as the intensity of pain more quickly.

Second level

When you enter the second stage, where childbirth is active and your contractions are already short, it ‘s time to look for maternity or call your doctor. The doctor will indicate that you are in active labor when you have already reached 3 to 4 dilation fingers. Your body will indicate the best position to stay in and how to feel better during painful contractions.

You can choose to take a warm bath that usually reduces irritability, as well as pain, besides bringing more comfort to that moment. Walking is also a very suitable option to relieve discomfort and also speed up the dilation, helping positively in labor. Breathing at this point is essential, so calm down and take a deep breath and try to relax no matter how hard it is.

If your amniotic pouch has not yet burst, the doctor may choose to break it at this point, thereby accelerating labor. Rest assured, this procedure is totally painless, but it will increase the pain of contractions a little more. If you have the option and are requested, at this stage anesthesia can be applied to end the very severe pain of this stage.

The contractions will be happening one closer than the other, and when your cervix has reached 10 dilation fingers it ‘s time to push. The uterus itself will push the baby out through the vaginal canal and with each contraction when you apply force, it will descend a little more. This process may take a while before the baby’s head crowns at the exit of the vagina. At this point you will feel a stronger burning and be sure that you are very close to finishing.

If the baby is in the right position, the head will come out and the doctor will control your contractions and when to apply force and when to stop in order to reduce the risk of lacerations in the vagina. If the doctor considers it necessary, he can perform an episiotomy to facilitate the baby’s exit, a procedure that should be used only in cases of extreme need. If you have opted for anesthesia , the doctor and nurses will tell you the exact moment to apply force, rest assured!

Third Phase

The third stage occurs after the baby’s departure and to the women’s surprise, the contractions that had ended with the baby’s birth return and again it is necessary for the woman’s strength to expel her, of course less painless than the departure of the baby. The placenta can take 5 to 15 minutes to deliver after the baby is born, and it is usually natural for a woman to feel the urge to push. The doctor will analyze by feeling the abdomen if the entire placenta and its residues have been expelled.

After the delivery is over, you may feel weak, trembling, but believe it accomplished !! Your desire to pick up the baby will be so great that the discomfort seems minimal. Don’t feel bad about wanting to rest or just thinking about a nice plate of food, your body needs to replenish its energy and when everything is restored your attention will totally return to the baby. In the meantime get your baby, if possible breastfeed and enjoy this moment a lot, because it really is an unforgettable moment!

Normal Natural Delivery

A dream of 8 out of 10 women, normal birth is a symbol of our moms, grandmothers and many previous generations. A birth to be beautiful has to have love, regardless of the way the light is given. But come and agree, it is beautiful to see a mother “giving birth” to her child in such a natural way, so old and so good for mom and baby.

It is not for nothing that I call warriors and lionesses the Indians and all these women who had and still have their children without any help. It is a lot of strength for a single person, but I think that motherhood, that very unique moment in a woman’s life, gives rise to all this courage.

Having a child in the age of anesthesia has become easy and practically painless, just having a good time, courage, intuition and why not tell a doctor to support you in your decision? Yes, as much as the woman is resolved to have a normal delivery, today a large number of doctors have emerged who are considered to be caesareans, for receiving more for cesarean deliveries, and also for the convenience of scheduling the surgery avoiding alternative schedules and running “unnecessary”. But as my doctor Dr. Roberto said, you have to go with the health wave of the parturient and the baby, everything working out is what matters and I fully agree with him.

Did you know that labor begins much earlier than we think? Yes, training contractions start long before the tampon falls, the bag breaks, the hour H as they say, they are present in any pregnancy regardless of the type of delivery the woman may have, but this is one of the body’s preparations from mommy to that moment when she should expel the baby from inside the womb, from the most protected place in the world for babies.

As there is a normal or natural delivery, it should be called because it comes from the woman’s nature, everything starts with evolutionary labor , contractions begin and it is necessary to have sufficient dilation for it to occur. Usually they are 10 cm of dilation, but I have seen cases of the baby being small and 8, 9 centimeters giving way to the baby’s head, as it is the most critical part of the delivery itself, which is the latent delivery phase.

In the maternity hospital they usually give strength to make the labor faster avoiding the suffering of the mother and the baby, oxytocin is applied in the serum and then my friend takes the beast for real, something that helps the labor to evolve it is the stock market rupture if it has not yet happened.

Epidural anesthesia is applied after 7 cm of dilation, it greatly mitigates the mother’s pain, but not entirely so that she feels when the contraction arrives to push the baby. Going to maternity can happen with the typical signs of labor:

  • Contractions every 10 minutes or rhythms regardless of time
  • Any sign of blood
  • Buffer Output

The woman has to be very attentive to any of these signs, and it is very advisable to have the obstetrician’s phone always close by in case of need. And remember, God prepares for us the best, if by chance you can’t have a normal birth, don’t be sad. A very complex subject that requires several chapters, I will still talk about home birth, humanized childbirth and several others. The first to be addressed was the cesarean delivery that we have already talked about.

Following a normal birth in one of the best maternity hospitals in São Paulo, Santa Joana, but know that there are many videos of normal birth on Youtube, I just think it is unnecessary to put one so wide open here lol, but if you want to see it, just look ok? Ah I found this video very cute, one of the most beautiful births I have ever seen on youtube.

Normal Childbirth with Anesthesia

Moment of pure tension and fear of the unknown, the time of delivery is a moment long awaited by moms, but with several fears and concerns due to the pain reported by all who went through the experience. Unlike women in the past who did not have a second or third alternative, women in today’s world can choose and request methods that minimize the pain and discomfort of this moment, as is the case with normal delivery with anesthesia.

Many women for fear of the pain of normal childbirth, already inform the obstetrician during prenatal consultations about their desire to perform a cesarean section and not have to go through it. Others prefer to wait for their bodies to act and the baby is ready to come into the world and give his body the chance to work so that his baby is born the way he wants, supporting and facing the pain of normal birth as a natural process of this moment. , which it really is.

The pain of normal birth is very relative and cannot be compared from one woman to another. Since each person’s body works in its own way and sensitivity beyond the tolerance of pain that is different for each individual. That is why we easily find women who report their normal births as a quick, painless and uneventful moment (every woman’s dream) and others as the moment of the most pain she has experienced in her life, but none of these pains shines the moment that it really is magical and special.

It is noteworthy that the pain of normal childbirth is beneficial for the woman who can control and regulate contractions , in addition to knowing the exact time to push for the baby to be born. As with pain, the appropriate and most comfortable position for the woman in labor depends on each one.

The accompaniment at this moment of relatives and competent professionals and that inspires confidence makes all the difference so that you face this moment with the greatest possible tranquility. And if even with all the care it is necessary and a normal delivery with anesthesia is requested , it can happen smoothly. Each woman knows her body and her limit and must be respected, as it is her moment, only hers and the baby’s.

An early preparation with a good conversation with your obstetrician or doula if you have decided so, makes the pregnant woman ready and know what she will experience and how to reduce the pain and control her body so that she can hold on until the baby is born . Ask questions about anesthesia and clarify your fears about it and what can help or hinder during delivery. Security makes all the difference for that moment !!

How is it applied?

Reason for celebration for many women, anesthesia during normal childbirth came to assist women in this very beautiful and special moment. Why not experience a normal birth without feeling so much pain? And certainly knowing that at the most tense moment of pain you will receive anesthesia brings a feeling of tranquility and comfort for that moment.

For this there are two anesthesias, epidural and epidural. Both are applied to the lumbar region of the spine and which acts directly from the waist down the woman’s body and allows the woman to be fully awake and smart for the moment of expulsion.

The anesthesia is completely painless and is applied to assist the local anesthetic before being applied to anesthesia itself. When applied, a sensation of heat and pressure is felt in the body, with immediate relief. It is usually applied during advanced labor, coming close to the total dilation of the woman where the pain is most severe, however it can be requested previously if necessary. When in doubt whether or not you want epidural anesthesia for childbirth, consult an anesthesiologist. This one can take all your doubts!

Cristiane Fonseca Birth Report

My princess Millena gave signs that she was ready to come into the world at 39 weeks and 1 day. It was on a sunny Sunday morning, that I noticed a slight bleeding, I had already read about it and knew it was the famous “tampon” or “the show” in English.

Our first visit to the hospital was at 10 am on Monday, when I started to feel some contractions without pain, there we received the news that yes I was going into labor, but still with only 2 cm of dilation and no pain . We went home and I was advised to walk and take hot baths if the pain came and to return to the hospital when the contractions came every 5 minutes (I was in the United States at the time, where everything related to childbirth is different from Brazil).

At 10 pm I was already feeling a lot of pain, but the contractions were irregular, I decided to go back to the hospital, because it was already becoming unbearable, and when I was examined for how much frustration, I was still 2 cm dilated, they sent me back home.

I spent that night awake, between hot baths and massages that my husband gave me on the back, but nothing seemed to help when the contractions were still very irregular, I held on until 5 am, where I called the hospital and begged to be admitted, because I was afraid to stay at home (in the state I lived in South Carolina I could only be admitted with 5 cm dilation).

I was received at the hospital, and what a relief, it was already 5 cm dilation . But the doctor on duty told me that my princess had her face turned, but probably as labor evolved she would turn around so I relaxed and waited for the epidural.

After the anesthesia I felt great relief, it was applied in an amount that I could feel when the contractions came, but I didn’t feel pain, the labor then flowed after 5 am, and by 10 am on Tuesday I was already with the 10 cm dilated and ready to push.

Strength and strength was what I was asked for, I did not know where to draw strength and for an exhausting 2 and a half hours I pushed and nothing of my dear was born , when the doctor came bringing an ultrasound machine he saw that she was still with face turned, and in an urge to save my baby’s life he spun it with his own hands and she was born at 12:31 on June 1, 2010 weighing 3773 kg and measuring 53 cm.

I couldn’t see her when she was born, and Daddy can’t cut the umbilical cord, because she was purple and didn’t cry, she was soon taken for oxygen and cardiac massages, half an hour later they brought me my little bundle of love , the princess I asked for so much God was in my arms and I already wanted to be breastfed, one of the best feelings I could experience in life.

We stayed in the hospital for 3 days due to the fever I had during delivery and she needed to take antibiotics. Our postpartum was not the most pleasant due to the third degree laceration that I suffered when the doctor turned it inside me, the 8 stitches I took hurt a lot, it burned and going to the bathroom was a nightmare. But after that period it was a lot of joy, I was able to breastfeed her and she grew up full of health!

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My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.

Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

Dr. Alexis Hart

My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

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