Reports of Birth of Readers

My name and Juliana Figueiredo Lima Alves, I am 36 years old and I am the mother of two beautiful boys, Yago Lima Alves, 17 years old and Ygor Lima Alves, 13 years old. Well my first pregnancy at the beginning was kind of difficult, because I found out I was already 4 months pregnant and I was 18 years old . It was very complicated, because at this time I got sick and took many medications that would not cure my illness.

I took many more injections when I heard the sound of my baby’s heart I fell in love at first. It was beautiful to hear that sound and soon the concern came to know if the baby was okay. When I did the first ultrasound, and I was told “your baby is fine”, there was great joy and I was able to breathe relieved . The pregnancy passed and the whole family loved the first grandson, the first nephew and our first child very much.

At nine months I started to feel the pain and went to win him, I had to have a cesarean delivery because my son was a little late to be born. More was a very peaceful delivery and when the doctor showed me the face of my baby, Yago soon the tears came in my eyes with such joy to see my beautiful and healthy son weighing 4260 kilos and 52 cm. I had decided not to have any more children, but this was not God’s plan! After almost 5 years, I discovered that I was pregnant again, and at first I didn’t want to accept it, because it was difficult for me to discover a new pregnancy.

I was going through very difficult times due to unemployment, more time was passing and love was increased. When I went to do the ultrasound, the doctor told me it was a girl, but I wanted another boy and I was not satisfied with the diagnosis and I was thinking and talking to God, “I want another boy”.

My husband did the pink layette, so I ordered another ultrasound close to winning and found out it was another boy. I was so happy that on the way I called and said you will have to change everything, because Ygor will arrive !!  When I went to the doctor, she gave me an injection to be able to hold the pregnancy a little longer, but this accelerated the heart, so I had to do an emergency cesarean. I was very nervous because I was scared, but you were with me and my baby was born beautiful and healthy, a child weighing 4230 kilos and 54 cm.

And the funniest thing was that, for those who didn’t want it at the beginning, I ended up breastfeeding Ygor for practically 1 year and we got even closer. Today I am a super happy mother, because I have two beautiful children who love me very much and that I love them very much. I am very proud of my children !!! Today Yago is already in college, he is a great son and Ygor works with me and he is also a great son. I am proud to be the mother of two beautiful boys.

“I Received 3 Blessings” by Patrícia Figueiredo

My name is Patricia, I am the mother of 3 great blessings that simply changed my life. In 2002 I started my family! 12/01/2002 I got married and to my great surprise a month later I received a great news, I was already pregnant! When I went to take the exam I didn’t even have much hope that this was happening to me, my sister accompanied me to take the exam and two hours later I already got the result. I didn’t have the courage to open it and my sister took charge !! But there were so many numbers that we didn’t understand and we had to go back to talk to a nurse who gave me the long-awaited result. Yes, I was very pregnant !!

Ours was such a strong emotion that I couldn’t believe it and after that news I wanted to do something special to give the news to my husband. I called my aunt asking me to send a message saying that he was going to be a dad, but to my surprise when I got home he still hadn’t received the call. Then I made the biggest suspense and he asked me and I denied and said that there was nothing in the result. That was when the phone rang and I asked him to answer it and it was such an emotion that he came crying and hugging me . We couldn’t believe it, we were starting a family so early !!

It was 9 months of great emotion, more with many challenges and with 5 months I had high blood pressure and almost lost my son, because my pressure was causing the beginning of abortion . There I started taking medication until the day he was born, everything was complicated, because where I was going to have to, he had to be measuring the pressure to control it. I swelled a lot and gained 26 kilos over the 38 weeks and at 6 months I was hospitalized to take medication to insure, because he wanted to be born. One more scare but God was already in control of everything!

With 38 weeks on 10/16/2002 at 5:10 pm Leonardo came into the world through a healthy cesarean section weighing 3,345 kilos and weighing 50 centimeters. It was a magical and perfect moment in my life , I couldn’t believe I was being so blessed with this little being that it changed my life. When he turned one, to my surprise I got pregnant with my second child! Wow, it was a scare and we were going through difficult times, but this did not shake me, because I always loved being a mother and for me it was more of a great blessing.

My husband, who got even more scared and was terrified, but soon after, he was able to celebrate and be happy! His pregnancy went well, this time I didn’t have high blood pressure and it was all wonderful. The only suspicion I had was gestational diabetes because the doctors thought it was too big, but after doing all the tests everything was normal. Gustavo was a peaceful baby and unlike Leo, he didn’t want to be born kkkkkkkkkk they came and went from the hospital every other day to do that cardiotoco and each exam was a different result. I was afraid but I didn’t lose hope that everything was fine and when it was on 02/09/2004 I went to the doctor in the morning.

After examining me, the doctor started to fill out a lot of paper and said nothing at all. I was apprehensive and soon after he looked and said: We are going to have a cesarean section, because he is floating and will no longer fit. Gustavo came to the world at 16:20 with 4,375 and 54 centimeters, a huge and healthy baby. Unique moment and it was like having the first child!

In the year 2007 on 03/03/2007 at 03:10 in the morning weighing 3,250 with 47 centimeters arrived our little princess Esther, to complete our beautiful family. It was a very peaceful pregnancy, but she was also very hurried and wanted to come early with 38 weeks. My purse broke and everything went very fast !! I arrived at the hospital and went to the operating room and soon she came into the world. My princess had a little problem known as jaundice with severe degree and stayed 3 days in the light bath. It seemed like an eternity and after 6 days we came home and my life was filled with joy, as I had my 3 blessings with me. There were moments I will never forget and being a mother to me is a wonderful gift from God !! I love being a mother.

“Vivendo Meu Sonho” by Carolina Cabral

On a Thursday, December 20, 2014, it was prenatal day. The consultations were already weekly and on that day, she was completing 39 weeks of gestation. Anxious, without any symptoms that could lead me to believe that it was time for delivery … I entered the office with my husband and mother. We sat down and the doctor asked me how I was feeling, said that very well, but tired and very anxious!

He asked me to lie down and that he was going to do a touch exam. Apprehensive, I lay down and he said “he is high!” Then I thought “there I go home again!” . I got up… and sat down, waiting for what the doctor was going to say. (My husband with a landscape face angry at the doctor because he touched me kkkkkkkk)

The doctor sat down and said, “Well, Carol, the anxiety is over! Tomorrow I want you here at 6 am to have a C-section! ” I swear I went there prepared to hear this, but when I heard, my only reaction was to know that I never really had prepared kkkkk .Saímos’s office, went to see the papers, was on holiday and my husband could not possibly do course I needed to attend the delivery (this makes me feel bad, but I was confident that at the time he was going to enter).

We went home, finished finishing the last details. I could eat and drink water until midnight and at 10 pm everything was ok. Amazingly, I slept peacefully. On November 21st, Friday, I woke up at 4:30 am and took a shower, checked my bags and woke up my husband and at 5am I called my parents and uncles (who were with us) that we were ready. On the way to the hospital, we talked about my new life and fears and so on. As soon as I arrived at Unimed in Volta Redonda RJ, I entered the papers. At 8:30 am an identification bracelet was placed on my wrist and on my husband’s (yeeessssss !!!! He can enter even without the course!)

We went up in the elevator and the nurse took us to a room, where there were 2 patients too. He handed me the clothes from the Surgical Center and asked me to put on and take off cord, earring and so on. So I did! Get out of the bathroom, just put on the clothes I chose so he could wear them as soon as he was born . My husband preparing the camera, cell phone and trying to take off the reamer that won’t even come out Juvenal! The nurse arrived pushing a wheelchair. She asked me to sit down, leave my things in that room and have my husband accompany us. I managed to take a selfie to my mom lol which sent me a message “God bless you!” So we went in faith!

We reached the corridor of the operating room. I was cold, the air was very cold, apart from my fear! My husband stayed in a room to prepare to accompany the cesarean. The reamer did not come out at all and with it in his ear it would not be possible for him to attend surgery. I despaired! They took me and he stayed! Like this?????? I screamed from the hall “Take that ear off !!!!!” Kkkkkkkkkkk the loka

Already nervous, I sat on the operating table and soon the procedures started. My doctor was already there and he received me with a beautiful smile and a question that touched me. “Ready to change your life for the better?” I just moved my head. Soon the nurses already put me in the serum and the anesthetist arrived. He explained that I was supposed to stay still, that it wouldn’t hurt and that it would be real quick! Sitting, I bent my spine and from there I felt nothing. As soon as she finished applying, she laid me down and said it would be completely normal for me to feel numb. In a few minutes I felt everything tingling, so Dr touched me (according to him, neh… I didn’t feel kkk) and I said I didn’t know where he touched me. He smiled.

Soon they put a cloth in front of me and I felt a sensation that seemed to clean me, they shook me it was at least strange because in fact I felt nothing. I think I was guessing kkkkk (total madness!) I looked at the clock at 9 am, daiiiiii behold the thought came “where is my husband? ”Then I asked the nurse who was on my side and she replied“ It’s coming in! “ And then he came with an extremely scared face, paralyzed, in shock and I was super calm , I asked“ What happened ?! “He” You’re all open! “

Open ????????? What?????? Like this?????? The doctors are telling a joke and talking that they are going out to dinner on Saturday, it is not possible that the surgery has already started !!! I swallowed hard at that time and my thoughts were on God all the time, praying and asking Him to protect me and my son. My husband is cute, right next to me, looking worried, petting me and saying that everything has already worked out! The nurse next to me smiled, my doctor said “Dad… .. come and see! Your child will be born! ” ready! My husband opened his mouth to cry like I have never seen in my life !!!! Tears flowed from my eyes….

And in a few seconds my son was born, with the cry that was etched in my heart! I said, “Thank you, my God!” I hadn’t seen it yet, my husband kept saying “love… he’s beautiful !!! ”   And then they came with it curled up, all dirty and put it next to my face. I looked at that packet of people and did not tell me about love. “Welcome son! I love you! ”And I kissed his mouth.

Pedro Henrique was born weighing 3,285 kgs and 49 cm, with apgar 9 and after 5 minutes 10. We took pictures, the nurse soon asked for permission, as he would have to take him to a warmer room, to put the clothes on. My husband asked if I wanted him to stay with me and I replied to him to go after our son and not leave him alone for anything in the world! So he did. I continued to lie there, now afraid … afraid of dying and of not being able to take care of my son. Finally, the device that marks the beats started to beep faster. I was getting nervous and then it made me really want to throw up. My head was very low and it looked like I was going to choke if the vomit came. The nurse applied something to the serum and the doctors exchanged looks. Once again I prayed a lot in thought and thank God the bad feeling was passing. Soon I heard:

Ready! We are done! Aiiiii q relief!

Soon a stretcher came and the nurses put me there. What a different feeling! It looked like I was going to fall! I even asked to be held because I was going to fall (I swear it was going to be lol). They threw a lot of blanket over me and took me for observation. Soon my son came, who was by my side all the time. I couldn’t see his face very well and I didn’t have the strength to lift my head, but I saw that he was fine and moved a little. The nurse came and said that my husband had already gone to the room and that my baby had suckled nan, because he was screaming with hunger. Some time passed and my mother called the Surgical Center asking about me (I think it was 12: 40h) and then they came to get us to go to the room. My husband was already there with a smile on his face. They passed me to bed and that’s where I managed to hold my baby and breastfeed him.My mother soon went up. He was overjoyed when he saw his grandson!

I started to feel a lot of itch on my face and my eyes looked swollen. My doctor said it was probably a morphine reaction. I was medicated and soon passed! It was 9 pm when I could feel my legs well. At 1 am the nurse came to help me take a shower. He took out my probe (what a boring pain!), Held it in my arms and managed to get up. I was in pain due to the gases that I had many !!!

I took my shower looking like a statue for fear of the surgery opening. I was walking a little crooked, which caused me a lot of back pain. I lay down again and spent the night with the baby on my lap breastfeeding and husband sleeping horribly on the sofa bed. On Saturday everything went well! I was already well and adapting to the new life! (Impossible not to comment on the hospital’s food, it looked like a very good hotel!)

Sunday we were discharged !!

Altogether, it was a wonderful birth! Not feeling any pain related to the surgery, I was able to take care of my son and I am very grateful to God that everything went well! The C-section was scheduled, as my doctor was clear in saying that maybe I could not be in the city if I entered PT, then I would have to have a doctor on duty. As I had had an abortion before, I was very scared and I had a lot of confidence in him as a professional. My dream was to see my son alive and healthy in my arms and not the type of delivery.

Today my boy is 1 year and 2 months old and it is my reason for living!

“Nascimento de João Pedro” by Cristiane Fonseca

When we decided to have a second child I had in mind that I did not want to go through the pains and suffering I experienced during the normal birth of my first daughter, but I still wanted a normal birth. Knew of the possibility of not being able to breastfeed due to a reduction mammoplasty he had done, but always kept positive thinking to at least try, after all if he did not exist fórmulas.Nas the final weeks of pregnancy, severe pain in the leg by a malformation in my femur , these pains became more and more intense as the baby fit and I couldn’t take any more waiting for the NP so I decided to have a cesarean section at 38 weeks and 4 days.

The baby was fine and, according to the last ultrasound, he was already over 3,500 kg and over 50 cm. We scheduled a cesarean section and that day never passed, I arrived at the hospital at 5 pm, but my angel was only born at 21:50 weighing 3600 kg and measuring 54 cm, very hairy, but very thin due to the length he was . He was born very well and it was a great emotion to see how much he looked like his little sister when he was born. I was taken to the room and that night seemed to have no end, I couldn’t sleep and I missed being able to touch my baby and to put it to my breast as soon as I was born. The nurse asked me to stand on my side so I wouldn’t feel pain in my back afterwards and with a lot of effort I stayed, but that didn’t seem to make sense to me.

It was morning, my doctor came and said that everything was fine with me and that my baby was very healthy, I was relieved. When the 12 hours passed after the delivery, the nurse came and asked me to get up, at the time the world spun, but I stood firm and wanted a bath, I did it myself without any problem. Soon my baby came to me, I put it in the breast, but nothing came out, he stayed there for 1 hour or so sucking and finally started to cry with hunger. The nurse took him and gave the cup aptamil and said that he was very hungry, because he took more than normal.

Soon I started to feel a boring headache that didn’t go away , I asked for a medication, I took and slept for a while and when I woke up and got up I realized that the pain was more intense. When I went to bed, it passed, so the nurse said it would be post-spinal headache. I was taken to the operating room to take blood from my arm and put it in the spine, they said that this procedure would pass the pain.

During the second day I was not able to breastfeed my baby, I always put him in the breast and nothing , that made me frustrated. On the third day in the morning, my doctor came to see me and discharged me, I didn’t feel any pain in my head anymore and in the cut only a little burning. We were discharged and went home! I was able to hug my eldest daughter, oh how much I miss that smell !!

But as night fell, that headache came back, and I had to go to the hospital again to do the procedure, they put me in the serum and I had to spend almost the whole night there, I felt my breasts fill with milk, but my baby I was at home and I was unable to breastfeed during this period.

I returned home at dawn and the pain persisted, that was terrible and I regretted having chosen to have a cesarean , first because my baby could have put on more weight and would be stronger at birth, and secondly because of this terrible pain that invaded my life. soul and I would certainly exchange that pain for the temporary pain of the NP. Due to having spent so much time away from my baby in the first days of life, the amount of breast milk was not enough for him, we had to supplement with formula and due to the introduction of the bottle, breastfeeding was followed by a lot of crying because of the ease that the bottle was killing his hunger. My baby lost a lot of weight in the first 15 days of life, about 350 gr.

Today I think that the best thing is to wait for the baby’s time, to wait as I expected in the first pregnancy, I thought that in advance of the time he was born a pain would be resolved (the pain in his leg due to his fit), but I generated more pains and nothing comparable with the pain that led me to score a cesarean. I was able to breastfeed only up to 4 months and still with the help of a breast pump, as I took it out and put it in the bottle for him to breastfeed. After I got to know methods to stimulate milk production like using the tube to supplement the baby at the breast. But even in the face of so many difficulties and pains, I am grateful to God for the Angel he sent me, the perfume that was missing to complete our happiness.

“The Arrival of Pedro Joaquim” by Paula Alessandra Vanzo

My husband really wanted his 3rd son and so did I! But I never imagined it, because I suffered a lot after Julia’s birth. Time passed and when Julia turned 5 we decided to start training. In the first month of trying: pimba positive and my husband did not believe it, because the second line was very clear, but of course it was 5 days before the long-awaited delay …

I was pregnant again for the 4th time, yes the 4th time … I had an abortion in my second pregnancy. Already with 11 weeks we discovered our prince to complete our family !!! I don’t even need to say that Dad had a smile on his ear lol. Belly growing and my love only increased !!!

On the same day that I completed 37 weeks we went to a birthday party for our twin cousins. My date of birth was close to 10/02 and the day of the party was 17/01, my eldest daughter Luísa even felt that her brother could be born that weekend and suggested that she take the suitcase, but very stubborn she said no I needed it, I barely knew that there was little left to meet my 3rd great love.

We decided to pose in a hotel so that I could rest and return home the other day. When I got home from the birthday I took a long shower and lay down, but I couldn’t sleep and around 3 am I felt my legs were wet, I woke my husband up and said: My purse broke and he half asleep replied: lie and I really! Kkkk I went to the bathroom and had really broken !!! I calmly took a shower, washed my hair and called my GO telling everything, as it was 3 hours from the city of my doctor he asked me to have the delivery where he was and of course he said no, and I asked him to wait for me at the hospital .

I felt such a great peace, but so great that only God Himself! With my two daughters in the car and husband, we left for the hospital, luckily it was dawn and there was no traffic. Once there, my doctor examined me and took me to the operating room, my only concern was my son’s health. Ah the clothes too lol I didn’t have a piece, they were all at home (I did prenatal care in another city) It was such a rush, but thank God it worked and my prince was born beautiful and strong at 6:47 in the morning and Mom gave it just a sniff and took them to the room to the joy of the sisters and dad !! Pedro Joaquim my life!

“From Rejection to True Love” by Marília Mesquita

I will never forget when I got the result in the laboratory, it was Brazil’s debut day at the World Cup. POSITIVE. It was so hard to accept and believe, this was not the time, I had just moved into my new home and had so many plans. Miguel, my son was already 5 years old and had no thoughts of getting pregnant again . I spent months crying, I ran away from people and soon the nausea and malaise came. My clothes didn’t fit me anymore and my denial didn’t go away!

It was 5 long months and with every move, with every change in my body, my heart fell in love with this new being and with 6 months I could no longer live without it! It was already part of my life and was already included in my plans. My life without him would be meaningless!   Completing 40 weeks and 6 days on January 27, 2015, I woke up with a boring colic, but as I was feeling for a week I didn’t even take it seriously. I got up I went to the bathroom, and a brown “goo” came out, ugly disgusting looked like a slug, kkkkk. I went back to sleep, because I know that the tampon in some cases can take up to a week to go into labor. I woke up at 8:30 am with stronger cramps that came and went.

I already felt it was coming, I started to see the breaks and at 9 am it was 10/10 minutes. I called my husband and asked him to leave, he works two hours from home, I was afraid for Miguel, my eldest son. The pains were a little more intense, but the interval was the same, between baths and naps the contractions came, the day passed, passed, and at 9 pm the interval was already 6/6 min. As soon as Happily Ever After, kkkkk, the pains were 4/4 min strong, intense, but I could still take it.

We went to the maternity hospital, I arrived and already went to do the cardiotoco, Vicente’s heart was weak, alternating and in that the nurse rocked my belly to see if the heart rate increased, then I would come back. I passed with the doctor, made a closed lap, contraction of 4/4 min, strong strong. He asked me to do exercises on the ball and in the shower and squat for 2 hours, to see the dilation, in short I did everything and the intervals no longer existed, the pain came, closed my eyes and just waited to pass. I walked a lot, at 5 in the morning my purse broke, another touch exam no dilation, they put me in the “sorinho” then the business took, I went to the shower, but it was no use anymore, when I left more liquid came out of the purse with meconium, at the same time the doctor made the touch without evolution, sat me down and talked that he waited as long as he could, but Vicente had made “coconut” and he couldn’t wait any longer, because his heart was already weak and with meconium it was very risk.

He called the nurses to prepare me for the cesarean, it was 8:30 in the morning and they prepared me and took me to the room, there was tension because the doctor asked me not to move, because of the anesthesia, but that was impossible with the contractions the way it was, at the time I managed, the contraction came I gave a cry and shook the nurse’s hand q I don’t know how it didn’t break, kkkk, the pain passed. Vicente was born at 9: 26, very purple without crying, they caught him well, put him on oxygen, and only after a few minutes did I see my baby already recovered. He was born with 3820 and 53 cm, a beautiful one. Well I was frustrated ?? A lot, I didn’t get my dreamed normal birth, I was in labor for 24 hrs, but on the other hand, the cesarean saved my son, but today he is here, beautiful, perfect, okay that the face of the father… kkkkkk, but it is the most beautiful thing in the world Jeez crazy love, my recovery is calm. My baby sucks a lot, and it’s delicious, I’m enjoying every second, because it will be my last baby, this phase will fly.

“When Least Expected, She Arrived” by Amanda Martins

We started around 2013/2014 thinking about trying another baby. In order to have our first daughter, we had already had treatment for about 11 months until we got pregnant. For the second, the time was much longer. Since Ana’s birth, we have never used an effective contraceptive method. So we went again for help, but this time neither the conventional induction treatments worked . We did the maximum allowed until we were sent to the breeding clinic and there we entered the most effective treatment. Many exams, I did a programmed coitus cycle , material analysis, etc. (I no longer remember the description of everything), and came to the conclusion that my eggs no longer had quality and the chances had already become unlikely.

As I was already psychologically tired, we decided to let it go, but Mother Nature doesn’t let it go. Within that same month, after the clinic, I started to feel pain, I sent a message to the GO and he told me to make a quantity that, to our surprise, gave 6. Everybody knows the suffocation that is when it doesn’t start, after two days 18 and so it was.

I know that nobody likes to listen, but it seems that when we let it go that it works

The pregnancy was super peaceful, really, we found out that it was our second little girl with 11 weeks + 6 days. I was very sick, I tried everything they taught me to do, but when I was 13 weeks they disappeared. I did not have heartburn, it was not a pregnancy full of pain or anything, although they say that one is not the same as the other. I was very afraid of being pregnant again, due to the complications of the first. And time passed and there was no sign of being born. I did all the exercises that indicated me for normal childbirth, pilates ball, food with pepper rs, nothing worked. In the last few weeks I was a cardiotoco every day, ultra every three days because I didn’t even feel she was moving anymore. Until the last ultra she presented a transversal situation and I asked for acesarean section .

My husband came with me, it was an inexplicable feeling! You wait for that chorinho to arrive, you put my nigga on the side and he accompanied you during the bath, the cleanings. I asked for some procedures not to be done and everything was respected. As soon as I got to the room she was there waiting for me, ready to suckle, spent all the time with me, I had help from the phono to hit the handle, and since then my tick is on the chest. It was perfect, all in its own time, all respected and in the family. I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to have a baby, it was me + my belly and my husband going to the hospital, the hospital asked for a third person that I asked my mother for. It was how I needed it, quietly, us being the main figures, not an event. In the hospital we even presented the little sister to the eldest, the joy of being the older sister does not have enough explanation to describe it.

Being a mother of two, even though I didn’t believe it myself, is easier than just one. Even with the difference of 5 years, you can see the complicity between the two, as the smallest looks at the largest expecting a joke, a nudge. As much as the tiredness increases, the sleepless nights, having a brother was the most important part of Ana’s life until today. There are, at the beginning, the phase of jealousy, of fear, but when it’s just the four of us, that is left out. It seems that the eldest has become more independent in certain basic tasks and wants to do the job of a big sister in every way possible. 10 years ago I couldn’t imagine being a mother, in fact, being the mother of two girls, but today I can say that it was the best thing that happened to me in life. I adapted my professional life to the new routine, and I managed to combine motherhood with all of that. I am the driver mother, cleaning lady, entrepreneur, but I never change for the old one I never!

Dr. Alexis Hart
 | Website

My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.

Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

Dr. Alexis Hart

My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother.Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

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