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Dr. Alexis Hart

Dr. Alexis Hart

My name is Dr. Alexis Hart I am 38 years old, I am the mother of 3 beautiful children! Different ages, different phases 16 years, 12 years and 7 years. In love with motherhood since always, I found it difficult to make my dreams come true, and also some more after I was already a mother. Since I imagined myself as a mother, in my thoughts everything seemed to be much easier and simpler than it really was, I expected to get pregnant as soon as I wished, but it wasn’t that simple. The first pregnancy was smooth, but my daughter’s birth was very troubled. Joana was born in 2002 with a weight of 2930kg and 45cm, from a very peaceful cesarean delivery but she had already been born with congenital pneumonia due to a broken bag not treated with antibiotics even before delivery.

With the birth of the first daughter came the first discoveries of all possible feelings as a mother and also the sleepless nights, baby care. Mistakes and successes that are part of every new experience and of course, all with a lot of love, affection and messiness that are part of my personality.
Exactly 4 and a half years later Dudu was born with 3800kg and 53cm at 42 weeks of gestation, my son who is already a super smart, loving and so distracted boy … a child figure! But this time it was not that simple to get pregnant, here on the blog I also tell how it was the journey to get pregnant, as it was practically 3 years of trying. It was at that time that I became a real tempter and I didn’t even know it yet!

A few years later Melissa came in full health after a pregnancy full of care and risks due to high blood pressure that persisted until the last month of pregnancy. Anyway she was born at 40 weeks of pregnancy with 3540kg and 47 cm, beautiful and very calm. My princess is the sweetest child …

Today mother of 2 children and 1 teenager, I tell my experiences and stories of how I got pregnant and how my routine is, the problems I had and others that other girls may have in a pregnancy or even if they are trying to get pregnant, you can find on here! Posts on various subjects, all related to the universe I love so much, motherhood. I want to share all the difficulties and also the joys, tears and smiles that I won and distributed during this journey so rewarding that it is to be a MOTHER!